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Skyward Sword Might Be Heading To Switch

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An enhanced Switch port of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword may be on the way, if a listing that was briefly on Amazon UK is any indication. The site briefly had a page available to preorder Skyward Sword on Switch — Wario64 caught a screenshot before it was taken down. The game was listed at seventy pounds, a part we hope ISN’T true.

Nintendo has not fully revealed their plans for the fall beyond the reintroduction of Pikmin 3. We won’t be getting answers from tomorrow’s Direct either — it will be strictly about indie games, though a stray announcement about this title MIGHT be possible. Up to this point, all their ports have been from the Wii U — this would be the first to stretch all the way back to the Wii.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword was released on Wii in 2011. While no entry in the Zelda series is truly terrible (unless we’re counting anything that appeared on the CD-I), this one’s regarded by many fans as one of the weakest of the line. The painterly watercolor visuals are nice, but the overall tone is rather dull and muted, and the heavy emphasis on motion controls weren’t to everyone’s taste. It also feels uncharacteristically claustrophobic for a series that focuses on exploration, with only three major ground areas available to explore. Link visits these areas repeatedly over the course of the game.

If Skyward Sword is indeed coming to Switch, it will require a significant overhaul of the control system to port it, unless they require players to use the Joy-Cons (we seriously doubt Nintendo will make this move, as it would shut out anyone with a Switch Lite). Even if this game isn’t everyone’s favorite, we would say the port is a worthy effort just to eliminate the motion controls and make it more accessible.

It just….better not be $70.