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Skully Arrives In August


Begin preparations for the arrival of “Skully” – an adventure puzzle game – that is set to arrive on August 4, 2020 for consoles and PC.


“Skully” stars the title character – a lump of “magical clay” – which has somehow plopped down from out of nowhere on a mysterious island in the middle of nowhere and has been given the gift of life [actually, a second chance at life] by an enigmatic deity.


But said enigmatic deity is not bestowing a second life to Skully just to sit around on the beach drinking margaritas [if a magical clay skull can do such a thing and if the enigmatic deity was kind enough to supply the margarita ingredients]. No, Skully has been put on the island for a purpose and that purpose is to help settle a family feud between the deity’s three siblings who cannot seem to get along and are jeopardizing the island’s existence with their constant bickering. To help achieve this goal, Skully has been granted with the ability to hop, skip, and roll through throughout the obstacle and puzzle-laden island.


Key features include…


  • Hopping, skipping and rolling
    Dodge obstacles around the island with these deity-supplied abilities.
  • Adapt to your environment
    Transform into three distinct forms to overcome challenges & defeat enemies.
  • Traverse the island
    Roll through 18 different levels in seven unique environments each packed with environment-specific dangers.
  • Explore the backstory
    Fully voiced dialogue and cutscenes introduce you to the island’s inhabitants.
  • Stop the destructive rivalry
    Discover the secret behind the deity’s family conflict and end their quarrel.