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Simpsons Writer Reveals Script For Unproduced Prince Episode


The Simpsons’ third-season opener, “Stark Raving Dad,” centers on Homer being committed to an institution where he meets a man who thinks he’s Michael Jackson — voiced by Michael Jackson. In the DVD commentary for the episode, Mike Reiss mentioned that the man (Leon Kompowsky was his name) would have returned in a sequel episode, this time believing he was Prince.

Yes, Prince would have done the voice — if Prince approved of the script. But he didn’t and the episode was canned before it ever got made. Now in the wake of Prince’s death, Al Jean has started sharing pages from the abandoned script on his Twitter. It would have aired in season 4 or 5, and it seems to be a revised version (this is unmistakably Prince, not an impostor).


You can see exactly what this would have looked like in your head, can’t you? Jean theorizes Prince might have gotten upset about the self-deprecating tone the script took to his attempt at a movie career, seen below:


Jean shared one more script page this morning:

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This would have been a pretty funny episode. Prince never lent his voice to the show, but as a pop culture icon, he was unavoidably caricatured several times.