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Sunday, February 24th, 2002
6:00am Looney Tunes TV-G -- (Elements)
10:00am Cartoon Theater TV-G -- Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet Frankenstein
12:00pm New Scooby-Doo Movies TV-G 7305 The Exterminator
1:00pm Scooby-Doo, Where Are You? TV-G 7005 The Haunted House Hang Up
1:30pm A Pup Named Scooby-Doo TV-G 8810 Ghost Who's Coming To Dinner
2:00pm Cartoon Cartoon Show   -- (Elements)
2:30pm Cartoon Cartoon Show   -- (Elements)
3:00pm Johnny Bravo TV-Y7 24 A League of His Own / Johnny Goes To Camp / Buffoon Lagoon
3:30pm Cow and Chicken TV-Y7 -- Chaci, The Chewing Gum Seal / Sergeant Weenie Arms / On the Road
4:00pm Ed, Edd n Eddy TV-Y7 11 Keeping Up With The Eds / Who, What, Where Ed
4:30pm Powerpuff Girls TV-Y7FV 15 Collect Her / Supper Villain
5:00pm Dexter's Laboratory TV-G 9618 Dee Dee Locks and the Ness Monster / Backfire / Book 'em
5:30pm Courage the Cowardly Dog TV-Y7 27 Muriel Meets Her Match / Courage vs. Mecha-Courage
6:00pm Time Squad TV-Y7 8 Tea Time For Time Squad / Ludwig van Bone-Crusher
6:30pm Grim & Evil TV-Y7-FV 2 Opposite Day / Emotional Skarr / Look Alive
7:00pm Justice League   12 War World, Pt. 1 New
7:30pm Batman: The Animated Series TV-Y7-FV 562 Fire From Olympus
8:00pm Toonheads   42 Sufferin' Sucatash!
8:30pm The Tex Avery Show TV-G -- (Elements)
9:00pm The Chuck Jones Show TV-G -- (Elements)
9:30pm Sheep in the Big City TV-Y7 20 Daddy Shearest New
10:00pm Home Movies TV-PG-L 121 Therapy New
10:30pm Baby Blues TV-PG 137 The Christmas New
11:00pm The Brak Show   2108 Psycholahoma
11:15pm SeaLab 2021 TV-PG-L 2 Happy Cake
11:30pm Space Ghost: Coast to Coast   TBA TBA
11:45pm Space Ghost: Coast to Coast TV-PG 9708 Zorak
12:00am Rocky & Bullwinkle TV-G 63 Buried Treasure Pts. 1 & 2
12:30am The Popeye Show TV-G 12 Show 12
1:00am Ruff & Reddy TV-G -- (Elements) [P]
1:30am Huckleberry Hound TV-G -- (Elements)
2:00am Yogi Bear TV-G -- (Elements)
2:30am Quick Draw McGraw TV-G -- (Elements) [P]
3:00am Magilla Gorilla TV-G -- (Elements) [P]
3:30am Peter Potamus TV-G -- (Elements) [P]
4:00am Atom Ant TV-G 6618 Termighty Mean / Pup Skip Jump / Rickety Rockety Racoon [P]
4:30am Secret Squirrel TV-G 6618 Witch Hitch / Capt, Kidd's Not Kidding / Foxy Seal [P]
5:00am Wacky Races TV-G 6815 Ball Point Penn or Bust / Fast Rack to Hackensack
5:30am The Perils of Penelope Pitstop TV-G 6904 Wild West Peril
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