1996 Awards

Winners are highlighted in yellow.

Primetime Emmy Award: Outstanding Animated Program:

  • Cow and Chicken (Cartoon Network)
  • Dexter's Laboratory (Cartoon Network)
  • Duckman (USA)
  • Pinky & The Brain (WB)
    Episode Submitted: "A Pinky & The Brain Christmas"
    Peter Hastings, Producer/Writer; Rusty Mills, Producer/Director; Tom Ruegger, Senior Producer; Steven Spielberg, Executive Producer
  • The Simpsons (Fox)

Daytime Emmy Award: Outstanding Animated Children's Program:

  • Animaniacs (WB):
    Steven Spielberg, Executive Producer; Tom Ruegger, Senior Producer; Peter Hastings & Rusty Mills, Producers
  • The New Adventures of Madeline (ABC)
  • Scholastic's The Magic School Bus (PBS)
  • Schoolhouse Rock (ABC)
  • Where On Earth Is Carmen Sandiego? (Fox)

Daytime Emmy Award: Outstanding Achievement in Animation:

  • Animaniacs (WB):
    Gordon Bressack, Charles Howell IV, Peter Hastings, Randy Rogel, Tom Ruegger & Paul Rugg, Writers; Liz Holzman, Audu Paden, Andrea Romano & Al Zegler, Directors; Joey Banaszkiewicz, Barry Caldwell, Brian Mitchell, John Over, Audu Paden, Norma Rivera, Rhoy Shishido, Marcus Williams & Mark Zoeller, Storyboard Artists
  • Disney's Aladdin (CBS)
  • Pinky and the Brain (WB):
    Peter Hastings, Writer; Liz Holzman, Director/Storyboard Artist; Andrea Romano & Al Zegler, Directors
  • The Tick (Fox)
  • Where On Earth Is Carmen Sandiego? (Fox)

Daytime Emmy Award: Outstanding Music Direction and Composition:

  • Adventures of Batman & Robin (Fox)
    Episode: "A Bullet For Bullock"
    Harvey R. Cohen, Composer; Shirley Walker, Music Director/Composer
  • Animaniacs (WB)
    Richard Stone, Steve Bernstein & Carl Johnson, Composers
  • Gargoyles (Syndicated)
  • Pinky & The Brain (WB)
    Richard Stone & Steve Bernstein, Composers
  • Sesame Street (PBS)

Daytime Emmy Award: Outstanding Original Song:

  • Another World (NBC)
    "First True Love"
  • As The World Turns (CBS)
    "Waiting for Love, and Thinking of You"
  • Freakazoid (WB)
    "Freakazoid (Main Title)," Richard Stone, composer; Thomas Ruegger, lyricist
  • Mister Rogers Neighborhood (PBS)
    "What Do You Do With the Mad That You Feel?"
  • The Oprah Winfrey Show (Syndicated)
    "Ten Years"

Daytime Emmy Award: Outstanding Sound Editing - Special Class:

  • Adventures of Batman & Robin (Fox)
    Robert Hargreaves, Matt Thorne, Russell Brower, Mike Dickeson & Bob Lacivita, Sound Effects Editors; Thomas Maydeck, Mark Keatts, John Hegedes, Pat Rodman & Kelly Ann Foley, Sound Editors
  • Disney's Aladdin (CBS)
  • Life With Louie (Fox)
  • Sesame Street (PBS)
  • The Tick (Fox)

Daytime Emmy Award: Outstanding Sound Mixing - Special Class:

  • The Adventures of Batman & Robin (Fox)
    Thomas Maydeck, C.A.S., Sound Mixer; Matt Thorne & Harry Andronis, Sound Mixers
  • Disney's Aladdin (CBS)
  • LifeWith Louie (Fox)
  • National Geographic's Really Wild Animals (CBS)
  • Timon and Pumbaa (CBS)
  • The Tick (Fox)