Home News Showrunner For Netflix’s The Witcher Goes On “Twitter Hiatus”

Showrunner For Netflix’s The Witcher Goes On “Twitter Hiatus”

The Witcher

What’s up with The Witcher? Is the team getting backlash for their casting?

Gamers were excited to see/hear that The Witcher was going to be coming to Netflix via a live-action series, which has now been confirmed to star Superman star Henry Cavill. However, there has been backlash in other areas, including the reveal that Ciri, another main character, won’t be looking like she did in the game, or as noted in the books. Instead, they’re apparently intending to hire a person of color.

To be clear, in the books, Ciri is described as white skinned and having white hair, so to “purists” of both the books and the games, this is a bad move. The backlash for this has gotten so bad that the showrunner for the series has taken a “Twitter Hiatus”

No person has been cast outside of Cavill as Geralt of Rivera.

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