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Shenmue 3 Will Become A Reality Thanks To Kickstarter


Talk about a day of megaton announcements. An FFVII remake, a release date for The Last Guardian, and Shenmue 3 all happened within two hours. All three were announced during Sony’s E3 conference. The latter happened when Shenmue creator Yu Suzuki took the stage to announce….a Kickstarter. People have been asking him for the game for years, and lately they’ve been begging him to make one of these to fund it. So…he did.

Shenmue was released for the Dreamcast in 2000 and was one of the world’s first open-world 3D sandbox games, beating Grand Theft Auto III to the market by one year. A sequel was released for the original XBox two years later, but the story was hung from there, with the resolution promised in a third game that never materialized.

Suzuki asked for $2 million, and it looks like he’s going to get it. At the current time this is being written, the project has earned over $1,700,000 in donations and will probably blow past its goal by sunrise. Though this looks good, I hope he can raise more than $2 million to make this, seeing as the original Shenmue cost $47 million.

We can assume a game maker as experienced as Suzuki knows this, and that some kind of outside funding source is involved, a funding source that won’t greenlight the game unless it does impressively on Kickstarter. And given that we saw Suzuki announce the game at the Sony conference and confirm the only console that will get it is the PS4….that funding source is most likely to be Sony. Good for them.

You can contribute to the Shenmue Kickstarter here…..and on the subject of video game Kickstarters, don’t forget Yooka-Laylee, which is in its final hours and mere inches away from its last stretch goal.