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Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Global Launch


The English version of Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross is now available at the Google Play and iOS store. The game is a great adaptation of the anime series so Seven Deadly Sins fans will not be disappointed when trying it out. If you have not watched the anime yet, Grand Cross can serve as an introduction to Seven Deadly Sins because of the high quality cinematic footage and interactivity between cutscenes. Make sure to have a capable phone with enough space to download the game (1.8 GB).

I’ve played many anime based mobile games before and it’s no surprise the developer, Netmarble, implements some common gaming elements into Grand Cross. For example, the game has a main story mode where the storyline follows the anime very closely. In addition, there are side quests with new content that the anime might not have covered. I love these side quests as they provide more insight into each character’s personality. You can even earn additional rewards like costumes and weapons after completing them.

In the tutorial, you’ll have the chance to fight the knight Twigo and his crew. The combat is turn based with actions controlled by an interesting card system that reminds me a little bit of Fate Grand Order. Character cards represent skill types like attack, buff, stance, debuff, and recovery skills.

Grand Cross is a gacha game where you collect heroes from the anime and manga. The gacha rates are average for the mobile gaming industry at 3% SSR, 37% SR and 60% R. However, I like how the developer makes it easy to reroll for the character that you want to start the game. You’ll have the opportunity to draw several times with the tutorial and preregistration gems. Watching ads will get you free single rolls to increase your chances of getting an SSR character. If you need recommendations on who to target, I’d recommend SSR Captain Meliodas. It’s possible to get him directly from one of the beginner bundles also.

The game’s gacha animations are a bit similar to Dragon Ball Legends. You can predict whether you get a SSR character if Meliodas wins the battle against his opponent.

Something I didn’t expect from an anime based game like Grand Cross is the ability to explore towns and interact with NPCs. You can even pickup hidden items and sidequests by spending time wandering around and talking to everyone.

In my opinion, Grand Cross is one of the best mobile games released this year. The game won’t disappoint Seven Deadly Sins fans because it’s more than just a summary of the anime. It looks good and fun to play for all users. You can get more information about the game here: https://bit.ly/2SW60v0