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Sega and Atlus Teasing Major Persona Announcements For Anniversary


It’s always interesting to see when a gaming franchise becomes really popular. Because sometimes you think that they were “popular from the start” but that’s not always the case. The Legend of Zelda really got popular with its third game in Link To The Past, Uncharted took off because of Among Thieves and so on and so forth. For the Persona franchise, you could argue their peak was honestly in their most recently mainline title with Persona 5. A good so good it not only is the series best-selling title, but was nominated for Game of the Year by many.

The irony of that statement is that the franchise has been around for about 25 years, and yet only now is really starting to get “mainstream gamers” talking about it in major ways. It even led to Joker being in Super Smash Bros Ultimate! But, with the anniversary coming, you have to wonder what SEGA and Atlus have planned for the series. Well, we partially have an answer as the companies have revealed a special 25th-anniversary site.

If you go to the site, you’re going to see plenty of spots where major announcements can go and be made. With the last slot being set for autumn of next year. Just as interesting, some job listing indicate that a 6th mainline title is seeking out people to work on it. Which means that more than likely that is one of the announcements for the anniversary.

Other teases seem to include a wide variety of merch that diehard fans can get. But there’s also the potential for more, including potentially animated aspirations. Given the plotlines of some of these games, it would be very easy to see this adapted into an anime, especially since other gaming titles have done the same. We’ll have to wait and see to find out for sure.