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See Monsters Inc In The New Kingdom Hearts 3 Trailer


Ready for this one? We unexpectedly got some MONSTER announcements regarding Kingdom Hearts 3, on the edge of the weekend, at an hour when nothing usually comes across the newsdesk. Who could have seen it coming?

While you were sleeping, Square Enix and Disney sprung the biggest surprise of the month on us. Released at approximately 1 AM Pacific, 4 Eastern, it’s over three minutes of new Kingdom Hearts footage! And it’s MIKE WAZOWSKI!

Toy Story will not be the only Pixar-related world in Kingdom Hearts 3! We’re pleased to report that the humor of the original Monsters Inc movie is intact and was not lost in translation even though this entire thing is in Japanese right now. One of Sora’s attacks actually lets him pick up Mike (while he protests) and throw him like a bowling ball at Heartless.

In addition to Monstropolis, we got the longest look to date at what happens in the Toy Story world, as well as a few new battle sequences from the Tangled area. It’s cool to observe how video game technology has advanced to the point where the models for the toys look exactly the same as they did in the film. We’re not quite there yet for Monsters Inc — Sulley’s fur looks a bit matted; he could use a comb.

When can we play all this for ourselves? WITHIN 2018! We’re sticking to the release date (at least for now)! Expect more surprises in the coming months. Kingdom Hearts 3 scares because it cares.

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