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Second Season Of Hilda Begins December 14


It’s been quite a long time since the first season of Hilda, the award-winning Netflix series based on the graphic novels by Luke Pearson. Season 1 appeared on the service in September of 2018, and a second season renewal was announced less than a month later. It’s taken this long to make, while She-Ra and Kipo in the Age Of Wonderbeasts have completely finished their runs within that time.

One might assume COVID-related delays were at play, but we’re told the original season was first put into production in 2016, so the pace is actually the same. It takes a while for a season of Hilda to cook, but the results are worth it. Season 1 cemented Hilda as one of the best new children’s cartoons around, and we see no reason to believe Season 2 won’t equal that quality.

Hilda, a blue-haired girl with an unquenchable thirst for adventure, grew up in a secluded cabin with her mother and a pet deerfox she named Twig. The series begins as they move into the city of Trolberg, where Hilda fears she’ll never find anything interesting. The opposite turns out to be the case and Hilda has many crazy escapades with her new friends Frida and David, as well as an elf named Alfur Aldric.

Exact details of Season 2 are scarce, but through this trailer we can determine that at some point Hilda’s going to pilot a sailboat while being chased by a floating pirate ship full of ghosts. She tries to keep her mum out of it, but the ship later phases right through her living room and dumps a pile of ectoplasm all over Mum’s hair. You’d think she would be used to this kind of stuff by now.

Enjoy Hilda while you can — it’s a Netflix show, which means it can be taken away from you at any time, even if it’s already been renewed. For now, a guaranteed second season premieres December 14.