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Season Two Of Marvel’s What If Confirmed

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As I write this, we’re still a few hours away from learning the resolution to the cliffhanger that Episode 8 of Marvel’s What If left things on. The threat was big enough to endanger the entire multiverse, but I guess things work out okay, because the studio has confirmed a second season.

EW.com spoke to AC Bradley, head writer for the series, asking her where the series would be going from here and what to expect. She had more answers than you might think, as it turns out the scripts for Season 2 have already been written. The renewal was handed down months ago and just wasn’t announced until now.

AC says in contrast to the immense, universe-devouring stakes present in the Season 1 episodes, most of the Season 2 scripts will focus on more personal conflicts. “[It will] focus a lot more on the character stories and these heroes and showing a different side of them that people don’t expect and hopefully they can relate to,” AC says.

You can also expect to see characters in Season 2 you didn’t meet in Season 1 — as in, characters that were just added to the MCU in recent months as well as characters yet to be officially added. Shang-Chi, the cast of the Black Widow movie and the Eternals were mentioned by name.

As for the finale…and you can skip this paragraph if you’ve already seen it…AC says the climax will involve more than just Evil Doctor Strange. All sorts of characters we met in the previous seven episodes will stop by to help in the ninth. Captain Carter, Killmonger and even Party Thor (apparently his official name) will team up against the Infinity-powered Ultron.

Originally, though, that version of Strange wouldn’t have been available to recruit. AC revealed that original script was much darker and ended with Strange being beaten to death by the Eye of Agamotto. It was changed at the storyboard stage, but AC says Disney and Marvel have given the show a light leash, allowing her and the team to take the MCU wherever they want.

Marvel’s What If is streaming now on Disney+.