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SDCC2015: Preview Night Photo Gallery


Last night San Diego Comic-Con half-opened to the public with a special Preview Night. All of the slick booths could be examined and photographed, and TZ went right ahead. [Photos by: Eileen Cruz] [SDCC2015]


Here’s how you’re greeted at the Nickelodeon booth. How rude.


A larger view of the Nick mural.


One of the many attractions in the Nick booth is this giant Spongebob made out of Legos Mega Bloks. “Lois, they are NOT the same thng.”


Gotta love that.


One of the grotesque, eye-burning designs for Nick’s upcoming “PigGoatBananaCricket” hovers over the area.


I have not seen many of the newer Nick TMNT episodes, so….if there’s a new character that happens to be a talking pea in a mask with a belly button on its head and a gargantuan mouth, that is news to me.

sdcc2015-07-08-nickelodeon-booth-01 sdcc2015-07-08-lionsgate-booth-01

The Lionsgate booth. Betcha can’t guess where it’s hedging its bets THIS year.


The Funimation booth hypes its new streaming service, which according to the fine print, will be made available on most video game consoles and Roku devices.


If you’re looking for where the fear is, it begins here.


It’s actually a promotion for Starz’s new Evil Dead series. Groo-vay.

sdcc2015-07-08-ash-vs-evil-dead-booth-02 sdcc2015-07-08-ash-vs-evil-dead-booth-01  sdcc2015-07-08-walking-dead-booth-08

Overhead signage for AMC’s Walking Dead booth.

sdcc2015-07-08-walking-dead-booth-07 sdcc2015-07-08-walking-dead-booth-06

One of the Booth Babes strutting around the Walking Dead booth.


Fun to watch, but don’t attempt to feed them.


Michael Cera’s career has taken a nosedive lately.


People lined up for miles to pet the zombies.



Back to the Nick booth. Wonder who this obscure character is.


Wow, they remembered who Chuckie is. He looks so lonely there.

sdcc2015-07-08-nickelodeon-booth-11 sdcc2015-07-08-nickelodeon-booth-10

The front of the booth. A full Comic-Con schedule was posted.


Mikey being Mikey.

Here’s the full San Diego Comic-Con 2015 Preview Night Photo Gallery Below:


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