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SDCC2015: Day Three Photo Gallery


[Photos by: Eileen Cruz] [SDCC2015]

The booths have powered down, the lights are off and the people from the dump will be here tomorrow. All those impressive sets and giant logos will be nothing but scrap soon. But we can always relive this year’s San Diego Comic-Con through pictures. The good news is that there are a bunch we haven’t looked through yet! Here’s Day Three….


It happens to everybody: sometimes you just have to admit you’re drawing a blank on a costume and hope it doesn’t make you lose nerd cred. This is a pink ape in a white beard with a Canadian hat with mudflaps on his head. I have no idea what show he’s from.


The Thundercats ho their way into the con.


Here’s a close-up of Lion-O. No one wanted to be Snarf? I get why, but…..

Maybe that first guy was Snarf….


You were expecting maybe the Addams Family?


This might be a spoiler for people who only follow the Avengers movies, but Vision and the Scarlet Witch eventually get married. And yes, they conceive a child. He’s a robot, but she’s a witch.


Hey, I remember you from the Hobbit movie! Wish I could remember you from the Hobbit book.


A road game is counting VW bugs. A Comic-Con game is counting Jokers and Harleys.


These guys are closer to the new Suicide Squad variations.


This area was called “Petco Park.” It’s appropriate.


Inside Petco Park was the giant Scream Queens Chair Lift Ride, brought to you by Scream Queens, this fall on Fox. Let’s hope it’s not as awkward to watch as everything else Ryan Murphy has ever done. But it probably will be.


Here is where the giant Snoopy doghouse was in proportion to the Scream Queens ride.


Another common sight at comic conventions: the Free Hugs sign. The guys surrounding him seemed to feel otherwise, though. “No, seriously, he’s dangerous, don’t listen to him.”


I do have to wonder what happens to things like this after the con. Throwing this great looking thing out feels like such a waste.


Eileen told me she’d gotten a shot of somebody dressed as Deadpool and Queen Elsa at the same time. I am disappointed to find it not in this batch.


“That’s it, people, that’s all you get. READ A BOOK!”

That quote’s from a different show, but it worked here.

Here’s the full San Diego Comic-Con 2015 Day Three Photo Gallery Below:


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