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SDCC2015: Ant-Man Comes To Marvel Future Fight


Marvel Future Fight is a mobile action-RPG game featuring many of the company’s signature superheroes. It didn’t have Ant-Man until now. Was this delay engineered on purpose as some kind of synergy with a major Hollywood movie? More than likely.

But that’s okay, he’s here now, and so are fellow bug-themed heroes The Wasp, Giant Man and Yellowjacket. Today’s update also adds the following in addition:

*  New S.H.I.E.L.D. Lab : Players can upgrade equipment with anti-matter to add new functionalities
*  New Alliance mode : Allows players to form guilds of up to 30 players with community features such as Alliance quests and Alliance skills—and create their own Super Hero organizations
*  New Rewards : New Hero Lotto Ant-Man character chest, updated dimension chest with Ant-Man characters including biometric data, new Ant-Man uniform and new Nickname Changer item
*  Five New Special Missions : Set in A.I.M Lab, Downtown and within Vision’s body—featuring miniaturization, enlargement and a variety of characters.
*  New Villains : Ant-man’s diminutive size leaves him open to getting squashed by killer insects that appear in Vision’s body and Ultron patrols
*  A Variety of Improvements : New skill previews, UI improvements including the Mission Prep Deck and lighting changes

“We are extremely excited to have Ant-Man and friends join our all-star cast of Super Heroes and villains in  MARVEL Future Fight,” said Young-sig Kwon, CEO of Netmarble, the South Korean company that created the game for Marvel. “Millions have taken to our game, and we continue to gain significant momentum with players from around the world which we are beyond thrilled and thankful for. To show our appreciation, we’re continually building and supporting our active fan base by offering a great and unique game experience coupled with a host of new updates and community activities.”

Marvel Future Fight now contains 45 playable characters. It was first released last April and is playable in 148 countries. You can get it at the App Store and Google Play.