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SDCC2014: Lords of the Fallen Preview


Toonzone participated in a demo of Lords of the Fallen at the San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC2014). The game is the result of a collaboration between CI Games and Deck13 Interactive and is an action RPG in the style of Dark Souls.

Thousands of years ago humanity defeated an evil god who had brought ruin upon the Earth. From that point forward, those who committed acts of evil would be marked as outcasts through a tattoo carved into their faces. The fallen god’s minions are now returning to cause havoc and no one knows why. These forces are the Lords of the Fallen. It is decided that evil should be fought with evil. Harkyn, a human with the highest sin tally is tasked with defeating the evil god and the lords of the fallen.

Lords of the Fallen features 20-30 hours of game play with side quests beyond that. We were shown a dungeon which was about midway through the game and contained indoor and outdoor areas. According to Bandai Namco, Lords of the Fallen is Zelda-like in structure. Harkyn will return to a central monastery. As he discovers new areas, he may head back there to take on side quests. There will be other dungeons, catacombs and outdoor areas as well.

Players will be able to choose from one of three classes at the beginning of the game. Selecting between the Cleric, Warrior or Rogue will determine what magic Harkyn will be able to acquire throughout. Equipment is usable across classes and will affect your character’s stats. For instance, cleric armor will make Harkyn lighter and faster.

Lords of the Fallen

Two of the enemies we came across in the dungeon were undead, blind and could be resurrected. If Harkyn crept up on them, he could gain the attack advantage. Other enemies were heavily armored. Players will sometimes be able to use the dungeon environment against difficult bad guys. In this case, the armored enemy could be lured over a boarded up hole in the ground. The armored bad guy’s weight was enough to cause the wooden boards beneath to break and he plummeted to his doom.

Doing this allows the player to avoid a difficult confrontation and proceed further into the dungeon. The trade off is that the player gains none of the XP he would of through a direct conflict. The game includes a dropped XP system. A glowing cloud in the area you last perished will contain the XP you gained up until the point your character was killed. If it’s left alone for too long its value begins to degrade.

The developer wanted to find the right balance between challenge and frustration. They emphasized that Harkyn would die a lot during the game, but there would always be observable reasons that could be learned from and the player would not fight themselves caught off-guard, wondering how their character just died.

Those who pre-order Lords of the Fallen in North and South America will automatically be upgraded to the Limited Edition when the game releases. They’ll receive DLC quests, a demonic weapons set and soundtrack. The pre-order and upgrade are not retailer exclusive.

Lords of the Fallen will release to the PS4, Xbox One and PC on October 24, 2014 and is ESRB rated M. For more information on the game, visit the official website.