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SDCC2012: Panel Report – Filmation and Lou Scheimer: Celebrating a Generation of Animation and TV Heroes


Mangels showed some more pages from the upcoming book on Scheimer and Filmation. He said it was written like a traditional biography, using Lou’s voice as the narrative flow. He let the audience know that there was also a huge amount of material covering the history of animation, the shows, and things that happened at Filmation Studios, which apparently included Krypto the Superdog urinating on the forest of fire. “Seems reasonable.” Tataranowicz retorted. Mangels displayed some pages from the book and showed rare ads, pictures of records, model sheets, information about Star Trek, storyboards, and autograph cards.

While the tech guys were prepping a clip to be shown, Tataranowicz expressed his pride in Filmation showing a great deal of respect to the properties they worked on. He had seen other studios take a property and “make it silly.” He called Lou the original fanboy and told the audience that Scheimer was a fan of Prince Valiant and Flash Gordon and how he stuck to the essence of the properties when he brought them to the screen. He said Tarzan was the Tarzan you always wanted to see. “It wasn’t Johnny Weissmuller again and again and again.” He considered it a real dignified Tarzan and thought this approach had a real effect on how others approach the properties they get to work with. He thought that was a very important part of Scheimer’s legacy, and that he tried to approach the properties and subject matter he produces and directs himself with that same mindset, describing his thought process as, “It isn’t mine to change. It’s mine to honor. I should take that and make sure the fans get what they want.”

Mangels then showed some footage from a Filmation cartoon that they said had never been seen by the public called, “A Day at the Horse Opera” involving the Marx Brothers, Native Americans and cowboys.