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SDCC2011: "Green Lantern: The Animated Series" Teases


It’s a good time to be Green Lantern. At least according to producer/animator Bruce Timm, producer Giancarlo Volpe, and producer/story editor Jim Krieg. Green Lantern will be getting his own CGI animated series on Cartoon Network, adding to Green Lantern events in DC Comics and the Green Lantern movie this summer. CGI is form of animation that’s new to animation veteran Timm. Volpe, who has worked on CG previously with Star Wars: The Clone Wars, said that using figures and models based on Timm’s previous superhero shows has helped him with the animation process.

Green Lantern’s popularity helped get this series made, but also provided a challenge to offer something new and different from the movie and the animated DTV’s. According to Timm, they were asked not to use Sinestro or any of his Corps. The main antagonists of the series will be the rage-driven Red Lanterns, whose visuals had to be toned down from their scary, blood-thirsty appearance in the comics. The Green Lantern show crew is eager to take to the challenge, exploring the idea of creating multi-faceted characters who are centered around anger, and introducing a new character who may not be all bad. They showed a clip from the series that established Hal Jordan, Kilowog, Salaak, and the Guardians as main characters while presenting another new character not from the comics, an artificially intelligent spaceship that Jordan names “Ia”.

When asked, the team denied that we’d ever see Hal Jordan become Parallax on the show, but there’s a strong possibility that they’d eventually introduce the other Earth-based Green Lanterns from the comics. They didn’t rule out the possibility of Black Lanterns or Manhunters, but they were tight-lipped as to whether or not fan-favorite Red Lantern, Dex-Starr, would make an appearance.

A sneak peek premiere is set to air this fall, but the show will debut with a DC Comics block in Spring 2012. It is too soon to tell whether or not this will spawn new animated shows in the same continuity, but if the series becomes popular enough, it could happen.

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