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SDCC2008: "Spectacular Spider-Man" Panel Report


A panel dedicated to the new hit show, The Spectacular Spider-Man convened on Friday afternoon at the San Diego Comic-Con. The panel participants included Supervising Producer, Greg Weisman, Supervising Producer/Director, Vic Cook, Character Designer, Sean “Cheeks” Galloway, Voice Director, Jamie Thomason, and Voice Actors Josh Keaton, Vanessa Marshall, Ben Diskin, and Robert Englund. Michael Vogel of Sony Pictures Television moderated the panel.

New and returning villains in Season 2 will include Mysterio, Kraven, Venom, Vulture, Dr. Octopus, the Master Planner, the Sinister Six, Molten Man, and a few surprises. At this time, they have no plans for hero crossovers, saying they are content to play in their own universe for now.

In keeping with his tradition of doing cameo appearances in the live-action movies, Stan Lee did a voice in the first episode of Season 2, and the character design will resemble the man himself.

The first DVD of Season 1 will be released this September. The release of the following two volumes will coincide with the start of Season 2. A fourth DVD to finish off season 1 will be released, though no date was confirmed in the panel. A full season box set is also planned.

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