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SDCC2008: "Ben 10 Alien Force" and "The Secret Saturdays" Panel Report


The “Ben 10: Alien Force and The Secret Saturdays Sneak Peek” Panel yielded up lots of new information about the two new Cartoon Network shows. In attendance were Alien Force producer Glen Murakami and story editor Dwayne McDuffie, along with voice actors Yuri Lowenthal, Ashley Johnson, Greg Cipes, and Dee Bradley Baker; creator Jay Stephens was also on hand to talk about The Secret Saturdays.

On August 31, “Alien X” arrives. Alien X was described by Dwayne McDuffie as one of Ben’s most powerful alien forms, so much so that our hero fears using it. Unfortunately, an intergalactic kidnapping puts the Earth in such a pickle that the risk must be taken and Ben must use the time stopping Alien X to save the day. Additionally, a version of the bounty hunter “SixSix” will appear.

McDuffie also teased a ravenous audience that what the characters think to be the truth is not always so. Work on season two is over with and the third is next on their slate. Additionally, our opinions of the characters will change over the course of the season and into the next.

Another teased element were the secrets behind the alien transformation the Big Chill. The audience responded enthusiastically when it was mentioned that the story of Kevin’s transformation back to normal in the null void may be told. McDuffie added that there is a very good reason why he does not use his absorption powers, which will be revealed eventually. Also, the revelation that Gwen is now an energy being may reveal some interesting story possibilities.

Finally, confirmation was given that we will see old and new Plumber kids in future episodes. It was also revealed that there will be no “filler” episodes; every episode will fit into the larger scheme of things.

The Secret Saturdays section of the panel was rather brief, limited to a screening of a clip and repetition of most of the information in the press releases. Some character designs were shown as well, with Stephens pointing out that the characters were based off of the shows in the 1960’s, like Jonny Quest and The Herculoids.

Correction: This sleepy reporter wrote that Jay Stephens was at the panel when he was, in fact, not. Tramm Wigzell was there as the moderator. Our apologies for the mix-up and thanks to the reader who pointed the error out.

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