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SDCC 2019: New Gods Movie To Start Work Next Week

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When is the New Gods movie going to start production of any kind? Any word from the writers?

The DC Comics movie universe is both in a good and weird place right now. After the successes of both Aquaman and Shazam, things seem positive, especially with Birds of Prey and Wonder Woman 1984 coming around and the Joker film getting hyped for its November release.

There are other projects in the pipeline though. Including the New Gods movie that will be written by legendary comic writer Tom King and movie veteran Ava DuVernay. During SDCC 2019, King spoke at a panel about the film and noted his time with DuVernay:

“How do you answer that?,” replied King. “It’s a f-cking joy, she’s amazing. She doesn’t have an ego, she invited me out and asked what team I wanted to bring. She wanted to assemble people who knew [Jack] Kirby. And next week, I get to go off and work with her.”

Tom King recently wrote a 12-issue miniseries about the New Gods in Mister Miracle, and it was considered one of the best series of the year. No tentative release date for the movie, or casting for the film, has been announced yet.