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SDCC 2019: My Hero Academia Season Four Dub Trailer


What’s next for the students of UA High? Funimation released the first official trailer for the English dub version of My Hero Academia Season Four this afternoon at SDCC. But where’s All-Might?

To answer that question would require a spoiler warning for people watching the dub on Toonami, so here it is…..and here it is again in bold text; SPOILER WARNING. The reason All-Might is not there is because he retired at the end of Season 3. Granted, this isn’t much of a shock since he’s been established as having ailing health ever since Episode 1.

Deku, inheritor of the All-For-One power that All-Might possessed, is now training under All-Might’s former sidekick Sir Nighteye. A new villain called Overhaul wants to eradicate quirks from the face of the Earth, and he may have the means to do it. Can Class 1-A prevail this time?

Season Four of My Hero Academia will be released on FunimationNow as it airs in Japan. A simultaneous broadcast hasn’t been confirmed, but feels likely, as the previous three seasons had them. As for a Toonami airing later….with the third season death-slotted at 3:30 AM it’s anyone’s guess if AS will even pick it up, unfortunately.