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SDCC 2019: Fear The Walking Dead Renewed For 6th Season


Is Fear The Walking Dead going to continue? Will it get renewed?

The Walking Dead universe is in an interesting state. Mainly because the comic has suddenly ended (via creator Robert Kirkman’s will), and the TV show is still going on with three Rick Grimes focused movies on the way. Many are wondering where Fear The Walking Dead will fit into all of this.

At San Diego Comic-Con, it was announced that a 6th season of the show is indeed happening.

While plotlines were kept hushed up, one tease is that the Dwight/Sherry storyline isn’t as ended as many people thought it was:

“When Dorie reveals the truth to Dwight and gives him Sherry’s final letter, it’s a huge gut-punch for Dwight. But Sherry’s words are also a turning point for Dwight,” they said.“She said she doesn’t want him to get killed trying to find her. She doesn’t want his search for her to stop him from living. That final line of her letter — ‘Find a reason to live, and live’ — is massively important.”

No word yet on when the series 6th season will air.