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SDCC 2019: Avengers Infinity War Had Major Rewrites For Thor

Avengers Infinity War

How did the script for Avengers Infinity War get done? Were there any major changes?

Despite it coming out last year, many people are still talking about Avengers Infinity War and what it did to the MCU in regards to “The Snap”. At San Diego Comic, the writers of Infinity War took to the stage and made some surprising reveals about the writing process for the script.

Mainly, the Thor storyline where he went and made Stormbreaker didn’t happen in the first draft. An entirely different adventure for Thor, Rocket and Groot was to happen. According to the writers, it was “awful”. For whatever reason, they couldn’t make it work. So, with encouragement from Marvel Studios, they did a major rewrite, and the Stormbreaker arc was born, an arc that would lead to many big moments for both it and Endgame.

This isn’t the first time Thor has had major rewrites in the Avengers films. Joss Whedon noted that his storyline for Thor was supposed to be longer but Marvel/Disney made him cut it short, but they almost cut too much. And by both fans and Joss’ admission, the result in the movie wasn’t the most coherent part of the script.