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SDCC 2018: You Can’t Stop Infinity Train

infinity train

An Infinity Train trailer already? It’s more like a teaser, but still…it’s new animation. What have they decided to show us?

It feels like Infinity Train was only just confirmed by CN — and it was — so to get anything relating to the series this year at SDCC is a surprise. We won’t get to watch the actual show until sometime in 2019, but here’s a little snack to chew on between then and now.

As you all know because you watched the short, infinity Train is about Tulip, who for reasons still not explained finds herself lost on a train that contains infinite worlds within its boxcars. This teaser only establishes what we already knew, but it’s accompanied by some nice and eerie vaporwave music. Already this feels VERY different from the boinging, clanging, bug-eyed CN norm — which is good.

Infinity Train was created by Owen Dennis (Regular Show) and will premiere on Cartoon Network in 2019.