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SDCC 2018: The Crossover Nexus Unites Cartoon Network Heroes

crossover nexus

A special event, the Crossover Nexus, is coming to Cartoon Network that will unite characters from four separate shows! Is it a non-canon series of cut-and-paste bumpers that air as part of a marathon? No! Is it a phone app game? Not that either! This is the real deal — and not just two shows, four at once!

The Crossover Nexus is an episode of OK KO wherein Raven from Teen Titans Go, Garnet from Steven Universe and Ben Tennyson from Ben 10 stop by the bodega! Why does this happen? We don’t know yet, but we like the idea of OK KO being the host show, because it means we’ll see these characters rendered in some crazy ways.

Crossover episodes have happened on Cartoon Network before, but never to this extent. Billy and Mandy crossed over with KND, Uncle Grandpa stopped by an episode of Steven Universe, and the Teen Titans have met the Powerpuff Girls. If it counts, OK KO has done an episode where Captain Planet appeared.

There’s no specific date for the Crossover Nexus, nor do we have a clip to show you — just this image, taken from a CN tweet. But the episode is scheduled to run this fall, they tell us.