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SDCC 2018: The Aquaman Trailer Rises From The Sea


Who lives in a castle under the sea? Aquaman! Aquaman! Absorbent and hairy and pourous is he! Aquaman! Aquaman! WB dropped the first big look at the Atlantean superhero this afternoon at SDCC. What’s in the trailer?

We see Arthur Curry being bullied as a child, only to have his powers manifest at that very moment — the moment he happens to be standing in an aquarium surrounded by sharks behind glass. An army of the ocean’s deadliest lines up behind him and one pounds a crack in the display to prove a point. The bullies back off as Arthur’s eyes glow a fishy yellow and he stands there, arms folded, suggesting “Whatcha gonna do about it?”

Coming after Black Panther, Atlantis may remind a lot of filmgoers of Wakanda…the difference is, while T’challa Just Couldn’t Wait To Be King, Aquaman feels reluctant about it. He doesn’t see himself as the king type, and unfortunately, the villainous Ocean Master does. In fact, he sees himself becoming king of the world above as well, meaning Aquaman’s got to defend both the world he’s inherited and the one that inherited him.

Director James Wan is going for some epic stuff, but time and reviews will tell if he pulls it off, and if Aquaman can turn the tide around for DC. The movie opens December 21.

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