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SDCC 2018: Steven Universe The Movie


How can Steven Universe get any bigger? This way! What upcoming situation facing the Crystal Gems could be so huge it needs over three times the size of a regular episode to play out?

Steven Universe has been on fire lately with some jaw-dropping revelations and amazing character moments, but the way the last aired cartoon ended has some fans scratching their heads and wondering what’s left, conflict-wise. (We won’t spoil that twist for the sake of those who haven’t seen it.)

Clearly, there’s something. Rebecca Sugar and crew dropped this short teaser during the Steven Universe panel. It is nothing but a heart-shaped gem spinning around with faces of the characters appearing on it, while off-kilter laughter is heard from somewhere. It’s ominous and creepy, and it gets worse when a sinister figure with a glowing evil smile appears in the last reflection. And at the end, it says…..


But before you get too excited, the teaser ends with the clear statement that it’s a TV movie, not a theatrical one. It should be a similar deal to Regular Show’s movie, which went straight to DVD and aired on the network a few weeks later.

Given what Sugar can do with just eleven minutes to play with (twenty-two at the most), the possibilities of ninety minutes (or more) leave us impatiently anticipating whatever this is. The teaser is all anyone knows, so it may be a while before anyone hears from it again, but like everything else Steven, it’s gonna be epic. Unless 80% of the movie revolves around Onion.

Steven Universe airs erratically on Cartoon Network.