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SDCC 2018: Check Out The Shazam! Trailer


Is DC finally learning to lighten up? There’s no rain, shadows or “MAAARTHA!” in the newly released trailer for Shazam! Maybe fans should start petitioning for the Snyder Cut of the film?

Shazam! looks like a ton of fun. The situation is the same as in the comic first published by Fawcett in the 40s: a boy named Billy Batson feels powerless in his life, until the day he is chosen by a wizard to inherit superhuman abilities. From that point on, Batson becomes a superhero by shouting the magic word “SHAZAM” — in the process turning into a grown man, but still a kid inside.

Zachary Levi completely sells this better than anyone expected. He plays “literal child in a man’s body” even better than Tom Hanks did 30 years ago. Batson’s sheer giddiness at being able to turn into a superhero is relatable, and the naive and immature things he tries in the suit look hilarious. Shazam! could be a huge hit for DC when it comes out April 5, 2019.

One more thing….this character was originally named Captain Marvel, but everybody called him “Shazam” because that was the title of his book. Between the time Fawcett went out of business and the time DC bought the character, Marvel had copyrighted the name “Captain Marvel” for themselves (you’ll be seeing her in theaters next year too). DC could still legally call Shazam “Captain Marvel” but not use it as the title. As of 2011 DC surrendered and just changed his name to Shazam officially.