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SDCC 2017: Two Minute Preview Of Netflix’s Death Note


Netflix’s live-action movie adaption of Death Note will be released in about a month, and a new clip from the feature made its debut at SDCC this afternoon. As some have guessed, this is not an exact recreation of the Death Note manga, but a retelling with the basic plot points in a new setting (and no Misa). As director Adam Wingart told THR, “For us, it was an opportunity to take something with a great premise and to breath new life into it.”

“In a lot of ways [Death Note] is the ultimate genre mash-up,” he said. “The fact that there hasn’t been a satisfying manga adaptation made in the U.S. is why we wanted to do it.” We’ll know soon if they succeeded; in the meantime, here are two minutes from the movie. The clip ends at a cruelly tantalizing moment….

As expected, Willem Dafoe is an absolute ghoulish delight as Ryuk, and fits the role like a glove. I’m not so sold on the blond-haired bro version of Light, played by Nat Wolff. Yes, Light has a tendency to talk to himself, but not in such a goofy manner.

You won’t need to buy a ticket to see Death Note — all you need is a Netflix subscription, or a friend/relative’s Netflix subscription. The movie premieres on the streaming service August 25.

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