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SDCC 2017: Steven Universe: Save The Light Introduces Squaridot

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Today the Steven Universe panel took place at SDCC. TZ was present at the panel and a full write-up will be posted later. We did not get a new trailer for upcoming episodes, but we did get something to watch anyway: a new trailer for Save The Light, the upcoming Steven game for Playstation 4 and XBox One.

The trailer confirms Steven and Connie will have the ability to merge into Stevonnie and a new character, a Gem similar to Peridot named Squaridot, will appear as a boss villain. Squaridot pretty much looks the same except, as you might figure, her head forms a square instead of a triangle. According to CN Squaridot will not appear in the series.

CN has also announced that two days from now, a special Steven Universe-themed concert will be held at the Horton Plaza in San Diego, as a special promotion for the SU soundtrack vinyl, coming this fall from iam8bit. if you attend the concert, you’ll get the chance to be included in the music video for the track “Stronger Than You.”

Watch for TZ’s full write-up of the Steven Universe panel soon!