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SDCC 2017: Sonic Bounces Back, Inks New Comic Deal With IDW


Bummed out over the recent cancellation of Archie’s long-running Sonic the Hedgehog line? Dry your tears — Sonic lives again! Barely two days after Sega’s public statement announcing the end of their partnership with Archie, IDW has announced their own Sonic comic is now in production.

Specifics are scant, but chief creative officer Chris Ryall says he’s “been speaking with beloved Sonic fan-favorite creators and new creators alike,” and that they will “be able to spread specifics about our plans for the comic in the near future.” Ivo Gerscovich, chief brand officer at Sega, says “creative teams are currently being formed” and that he’s “ecstatic about this partnership with IDW. We know they’ll serve as a good home for the new adventures of Sonic, his friends, and foes.”

What we don’t know at this time is if the IDW Sonic will be a continuation of Archie’s storyline or if it will begin a new continuity. Don’t be surprised if the latter happens. It’s speculated that a big reason why the license no longer rests with Archie is because mishandling of contracts (and lawsuits resulting from it) made Sega no longer trust them with the property. This legal nightmare gave one of their writers the opportunity to trademark characters he invented for the comic as his own, meaning if he can’t be negotiated with, it may not even be possible to reprint the original comic.

IDW has been a gracious host to beloved properties for years, publishing critically acclaimed storylines for the Transformers, the Ghostbusters. My Little Pony and the Ninja Turtles. We feel Sonic is in good hands and no matter what form the comic takes at this point, we’re optimistic.