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SDCC 2017: Previews From The CW’s Superhero Lineup


What’s happening this season in The CW’s ever-expanding line of DC-based programs? We’ve got the full scoop on three of them, including their SDCC trailers. Care to watch?


If it’s goofy fun you want, Legends of Tomorrow delivers. Both Arrow and The Flash had lousy third seasons and it was partly because they started taking themselves way too seriously. I see no such problem here. Last season the time-traveling crew wound up busting the entire continuum and returned to an alternate version of their home city crawling with dinosaurs. Uh-ohhhh!


Supergirl is also a delight….when it focuses on Supergirl. The second season stumbled a bit when it put too much emphasis on a bland new character. Whether Season 3 is an improvement depends on how much Mon-El we get force-fed, and given he blasted off into space at the end of Season 2, we’re hoping the answer is “not much.”

What has been confirmed is more Lana Luthor, Kara’s unexpected new bestie and one of Season 2’s highlights. She has been bumped up to regular and she’ll face off against corrupt real estate developer Morgan Edge (as seen in the trailer, she now has his attention). We’ll also get Erica Durance, former Lois Lane, appearing in flashbacks as Kara’s mother. Unknown at this time: the locations of Superman or Calista Flockhart.


Finally we have The Flash, coming off a dismal and critically panned third season. The show appeared to be stuck in a rut last May, with Barry Allen repeatedly making the same mistakes and becoming a mopey moron nobody wanted to spend time with, including the viewers. Arrow rebounded from a crummy season; can The Flash do the same?

Maybe it will. I vastly prefer this crazy samurai we see in the trailer to “Evil Barry” or any other villain they’ve come up with, and I barely know anything about him. Another interesting thing: this is a Flash trailer without the Flash in it. This is due to how Season 3 ended, but given the fact that the samurai wants The Flash or he’ll destroy the city, Barry’s return is inevitable.

The CW’s week of premieres begins in early October. Supergirl starts October 9, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow premiere October 10.