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SDCC 2017: Fox Debuts Trailer For The Gifted


Can six young people with mutant powers survive against a world that ruthlessly hunts them down? More to the point, can Fox successfully bring the X-Men property to the small screen while using none of the heavy hitters?

Eclipse (Sean Teale), Polaris (Emma Dumont), Blink (Jamie Chung), Thunderbird (Blair Redford), Jace Turner (Coby Bell) and the Strecker siblings (Natalie Alyn Lind and Percy Hynes White) may not pack the name recognition of Wolverine or Storm. But the show has an excuse for their absence….sort of. This is an alternate timeline where both the X-Men and the Brotherhood of Mutants have mysteriously disappeared.

“We’re not in the same exact timeline as any particular movie or comic,” said Lauren Shuler Donner at the Gifted panel yesterday. “That said, we do share characters with the movies and comics.” They also share the same variety of social commentary. In the world of The Gifted mutants are feared and hunted, not just by humans but by weird spider-bot things (Sentinels would need a bigger budget). The show’s central point of view is from the Strecker kids, whose dad runs the organization that hunts and captures mutants.

Does The Gifted have what it takes to win you over, or are you better off waiting for Hulu’s Runaways? Watch the newly released trailer and decide for yourself. Fox’s The Gifted premieres October 2.