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SDCC 2017: First Clip From Big Hero 6: The Series


One sequel is nice, so how about at least 13 minisequels? Disney XD announced last year that Big Hero 6 would become a TV series, and we’re about to get it in two months. Want to see a clip?

This was the scene Disney XD showed convention-goers during their SDCC conference. Hiro and Baymax are suited up and wandering through an underground tunnel that appears to be built by some evil villain. Of course it’s full of booby traps, and Baymax is characteristically slow to react. Can his strength get his human buddy out of this situation?

The clip is just Hiro and Baymax by their lonesome; we still haven’t seen the other members of the team in clips of their own. I don’t think I’m alone when I say this: as these two were facing down an oncoming train, my mind was unavoidably thinking “I wonder what Fred is doing right now.” Whenever Fred isn’t onscreen, the other characters need to be saying, “Where’s Fred?”

Big Hero 6: The Series premieres on Disney XD this fall.