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SDCC 2017: Darkwing Duck Will Guest-Star On DuckTales


Ready to grab on to some DuckTales? Disney XD released a two-minute clip from the series this afternoon during their SDCC panel. And boy do we have news — could Darkwing possibly stop by?

First off, the clip. In proper DuckTales fashion, the show is launching with a two-hour movie event that involves Scrooge and his family on an epic quest for lost civilizations and treasure.

During the presentation, the producers announced to the audience that Darkwing Duck would be making a guest appearance in a future episode! Sketches were shown to the SDCC attendees of Darkwing and his rogues gallery, all rendered in the contemporary DuckTales style. We do not have images of those drawings at this time, but if we get ahold of them we’ll post them ASAP.

Tad Stones once stated that DuckTales and Darkwing Duck take place in different dimensions and could never cross over. Of course, it could be argued this is a different universe altogether. Disney’s DuckTales premieres with the two-hour movie August 18, followed by the series’ regular run beginning September 23.