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SDCC 2016: A Taste Of Rick & Morty Season 3


Dan Harmon, Justin Roiland and the gang still won’t commit to a release date, or even a vague window, for Rick and Morty Season 3. Apparently the reason is because the new batch of episodes are still under heavy production and determining their date of completion isn’t possible at this time. Harmon has added that it’s up to Adult Swim to schedule the episodes and that can factor into it as well.

Regardless, they were nice enough to send us this Comic-Con exclusive clip from an under-construction episode. In this unidentified show, Rick is in a pickle. Or maybe he IS a pickle; it’s hard to tell which. Warning: gratuitous rat dismemberment.

So why did Season 2 end the way it did? Harmon said during the Rick & Morty panel that Rick had to suffer some kind of consequences for his careless and selfish behavior. He didn’t reveal how Rick gets out of the situation, but clearly he does or he would not be a pickle now.

Harmon also cryptically spoke of “changes” coming to the relationship between Morty’s parents, Beth and Jerry. “Going places” was how he put it. Are they headed for divorce? No solid answers there; we have to wait.

Again, the staff was confronted with some geek who had to point out the continuity errors between one episode and another. Harmon has said in the past he refuses to lock Rick & Morty down to a set of specific rules, such as “Rick can only do X during Thursdays” or “Rick can only operate X machine with Y materials.” He believes sticking to a set continuity and carefully keeping track of everything they’ve established would result in bogging the show down with limitations eventually.

Besides, he said, “Technically everything is canon in an infinite multiverse.” Rick & Morty’s third season is currently in development at Adult Swim with no settled-upon release date.

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