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SDCC 2016: Star Trek Discovery Launches Its Voyage January 2017


Check out the starship Discovery. It’s the cruiser from which the first Star Trek series in over a decade will take place. Today during the Star Trek panel at SDCC, this beauty was revealed:

Star Trek Discovery was created by the king of short-lived yet cult-classic TV series, Bryan Fuller, and aided into being by Alex Kurtzman. The pilot will be directed by David Semel, who’s directed the pilots of many other series including Madam Secretary, Person Of Interest, Heroes, No Ordinary Family, The Man in the High Castle and American Dreams.

Fuller spoke during the panel of the world needing Star Trek’s optimistic, racially harmonious take on the future. “Think about what’s happening in America, and think about the promise of Star Trek, and what we can all do to get there.”

Star Trek, in general, has been about individual rights, about respecting everyone, no matter who and what they are,” added Brent Spiner, aka Data. “We’re living in a world right now where that respect is being challenged. It’s disturbing. I think a lot of our politicians and a lot of our fellow citizens could take a page from Star Trek, and have more respect for humanity.”

As the trailer says, “New Crews. New Villains. New Heroes. New Worlds.” In other words expect little of the established locations, aliens or characters that populate the Trek universe. If you want those things, Star Trek Beyond is in theaters now. Star Trek Discovery will be available on CBS All Access this January, but its pilot will get a broadcast on CBS.