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SDCC 2016: The Flash Borks With History


One of the pillars of the backstory on the Flash TV series is that Barry Allen lost his mother as a kid, when the Reverse Flash killed her. He had the chance to change this at the end of Season 1, but decided “no, what’s past is past and changing it would be bad.” Last season, Barry said “I take it back, I’m gonna do it, screw history” and saved Mom. So now what?

So now the world’s completely different. All of Barry’s friends either never met him or just plain hate him, with the exception of Iris who seems neutral. In fact, she’s the first one besides Barry to sense something feels off. Turns out Barry didn’t exactly wipe history, he just created an unnatural new timeline that is quickly dubbed “Flashpoint.” Now he’s stuck in it, and despite the presence of his mother, it grows less appealing by the day.

That’s the jist of The CW’s new Flash trailer. If you watch closely, you may catch a blurry glimpse of Kid Flash!


The Flash returns with new episodes October 4. There are times when you should Dare To Defy and times when you should Decline to Get Involved.