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SDCC 2016: Donnie Vs. Raph, By Jhonen Vasquez


After years of mediocrity and sponging off Spongebob, is Nickelodeon finally turning a corner Nicktoons-wise? Any network that would fund a TMNT short by Jhonen Vasquez is a winner in my book.

Nick also pulled a few more surprises out of its hat during Comic-Con….for example, the first-ever released art from the upcoming Hey Arnold movie.

Hey Arnold 1 Hey Arnold 2

Arnold  Gerald Helga   Phoebe

One more new bit of art, from a completely different show: Bunsen is A Beast! (The exclamation point is part of the title.) It’s described as “an original animated comedy that follows the adventures of Bunsen, the first beast to attend a human-grade school.” It’s from prolific kiddie show creator Butch Hartman.

We’re told a clip from Bunsen Is A Beast! was shown at the Nick panel, but since I wasn’t there and the clip is not online, we’ve got nothing. We do have the first-released art, though….


Looks wacky enough. Bunsen Is A Beast! won’t air until 2017.