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SDCC 2016: Breaking News On Daredevil, Luke Cage And The Defenders


The Marvel Television panel at SDCC brought many presents for the fans. First thing, Daredevil has been officially renewed for Season 3. We all knew it would happen, and it has.

They moved on to the first big trailer for Luke Cage, featuring all new clips from the upcoming series. Watching it, you may wonder: can anything stop this guy? Is he the African-American equivalent of One Punch Man?

Luke Cage will star Mike Colter in the role we originally saw him play on Jessica Jones, and he’ll be supported by Mahershala Ali as Cottonmouth, Rosario Dawson as nurse Claire Temple, Sonia Braga as Claire’s mother, Frank Whaley as Detective Scarfe, and Simone Missick as Misty Knight.

Plus, there’s now a release date: September 30. Here’s the trailer….

The highlight of the panel was the announcement that The Defenders would be coming in 2017. This is the super-series that will tie all these heroes together in one spectacle. A teaser was shown, displaying no footage but confirming the title, logo and the fact that it’ll appear within the next 17 months. Have a look….


Iron Fist’s series is hinted at in this teaser, so where’s he? If Marvel wants to get this out by the end of 2017, the reveal of that show must be close. But this is plenty to tide me over for now.

UPDATE: That was fast.