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Scott Pilgrim: The Game Is At Last Coming Back

scott pilgrim: the game

I’m very pleased to be reporting this news: Scott Pilgrim: The Game is finally coming back due to popular demand. Publisher Ubisoft made the announcement today during their Forward livestream. Some other stuff was revealed, and maybe we’ll write about it later, but the most important thing is…SCOTT PILGRIM!

The beat-em-up was first released digitally on the Playstation 3 and XBox 360 in 2010 as a tie-in to the Scott Pilgrim movie. Like the movie itself, the game was at first overlooked, but grew and grew in popularity until it was considered a classic. Neither Ubisoft nor Universal were aware of this and considered the game to be little more than a promotional tool. Ubi figured it had outlived its usefulness by 2014, when they chose not to renew the license and pulled the game off digital storefronts.

This meant you could not even re-download the game if you had already bought it. From 2014 onward, if you didn’t already have it on your console’s hard drive, it became impossible to obtain Scott Pilgrim: The Game beyond an act of piracy. It soon became the most demanded re-release in modern gaming history. Everyone involved, including Scott’s creator Bryan Lee O’Malley, publicly expressed interest in bringing the game back…except Ubisoft, who remained silent for years.

However it happened, the needle has finally moved. Upon its tenth anniversary, Scott Pilgrim: The Game will be released for modern systems including Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, XBox One, PC via Steam, and even Google Stadia. It will be the complete package with all additional DLC content included, like a playable Knives Chau and Wallace Wells.

So the next thing everyone is going to be saying is….”where’s the physical release, so we don’t have to do this yet again next generation?” No one’s said anything about such a thing….yet. Limited Run Games, who has been hounded about a physical Scott Pilgrim every single day for years to the point that there are jokes about it in their profile, admitted they know nothing right now:

That doesn’t mean it won’t happen, though. After all, we got this far. Scott Pilgrim: The Game will be re-released this holiday season.