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Scott Pilgrim Is Getting An Anime On Netflix

Scott Pilgrim

Scott Pilgrim is something of an unusual franchise if you really think about it. It started off as a beloved graphic novel made by Bryan Lee O’Malley, and then became a cult-classic movie starring Michael Cera, a video game that recently got a remaster much to the joy of fans, and more. And now…it’s apparently going to be an anime on Netflix! What’s more, many of the people who helped bring Scott’s story to various mediums will be helping with the anime as well!

This includes Bryan Lee O’Malley who will be writing and producing the series, as well as Edgar Wright who helped make the live-action movie.Animation on the project will be handle by anime house Science SARU, with Abel Gongora serving as a director.

For those of you who SOMEHOW don’t know about the Scott Pilgrim franchise, it’s about a young slacker of a kid who meets the “love of his life” in the form of the unique Ramona Flowers. The two eventually hit it off…and then Scott is attacked by the “League of Evil Exes”, whom Scott must fight and defeat in order to claim her heart.

If that sounds wacky, it is. The whole series is inspired in part by Japanese manga and anime and even video games. As such, part of Scott’s story is having him “level up” in certain fights so that he can beat said evil exes (with Ramona’s help at times, she’s wicked with a hammer!).

The idea of this being an anime was not lost on some of the team, Edgar Wright was actually teasing this very project in 2020, but obviously we didn’t know it would actually come true.

While most fans are excited for this to be on Netflix, some are curious as to whether the recent string of “poorly rendered anime” on Netflix will continue with Scott Pilgrim. We’ll just have to wait and see.