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Scoob! Is Getting A Sequel According To Director


When it comes to Scooby-Doo, it’s not a question of when he’ll pop up next, but where. The iconic cartoon dog and his friends have been all over the place since his debut in Scooby-Doo Where Are You?, and that continued last year with the movie Scoob! It was initially supposed to release back during the early parts of 2020, but then the global pandemic happened. With the movie theaters shut down, the team at Warner Bros had no choice but to release it only via streaming services. It didn’t do well at first, but over time it’s done better.

So much so that according to the director of Scoob!, Tony Cervone, a sequel is indeed on the way.

“Actually, we are kicking the tires on a follow-up to Scoob!” Cervone revealed to Comic Book Movie. “It hasn’t been announced yet, but it’s something we’re all excited about. The whole creative team that made the first movie is still around and back and working on something new. It was neat to create this Hanna-Barbera Cinematic Universe, and it’s exciting to return to it.”

It seems as though with every incarnation of Scooby-Doo they do something unique, and this movie was no different blending several different Hanna-Barbera universes together for one very unique film.

One has to wonder what they have in mind for a sequel, but given the clear passion that they have for the property, you can imagine they’re going to get pretty creative.

And if that movie isn’t for you, there’s a more “traditional” Scooby-Doo series going on via Scooby-Doo and Guess Who? A recreation of the Scooby adventures where he and the gang would meet all sorts of celebrities. It’s been a big hit and they’ve gotten a LOT of unique guest stars.

So as you can see, Scooby-Doo is doing just fine as a franchise.