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School Of Good And Evil Gets More Financial Aid


The newly released book, “The School of Good and Evil” – the first of an intended trilogy by Soman Chainani – had its film rights acquired by Roth Films [“Oz The Great and Powerful”] last week and now Universal Pictures has stepped up as distributor in a seven figure deal with Roth Films. The book tells the story of children who are kidnapped and taken to the title schools to be molded into either heroes and princesses or villains and witches – but pretty Sophie and ugly Agatha are sent to the wrong schools [Sophie to Evil, Agatha to Good] and Sophie parties too much and loses her scholarship and Agatha gets straight A’s but gets pregnant and…oops, scratch that. Actually, Sophie and Agatha discover their predicament in a “The Parent Trap” sort of way and must figure out a solution to the problem.

“The School of Good and Evil” is tentatively expected to be a 2015 release.