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Samurai Rabbit: The Usagi Chronicles Releases Later This Month

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Last July Netflix announced a CG-animated movie was in the pipeline centered around Stan Sakai’s Usagi Yojimbo character…except it wasn’t really about THAT Usagi (I’ll explain what that means next paragraph). This week the streamer released the official trailer and revealed the release date: April 28.

Any Ninja Turtle fan is familiar with the katana-wielding rabbit named Miyamoto Usagi, as despite being part of a separate indie comic, he has shown up in at least three different Turtle cartoons: the original, the 2003 4Kids version and the first Nick version. So go figure that the moment he gets a singular time to shine, the role is instead given to his descendant: Yuichi Usagi.

Samurai Rabbit takes place in the future, in a sci-fi city full of dangerous robots — but that’s not all; yokai spirits are now rising for some reason and terrorizing people. It’s the worst of the past AND the future, and the city could use a savior. Being the descendant of the legendary Miyamoto, Yuichi would like to be that savior, but his skills aren’t up to the family name as of yet.

So in the meantime, he’ll have to rely on his friends: Kitsune, a dancing fox skilled in thievery, Gen, one mean rhino of a bounty hunter, and the nimble feline ninja Chizu. Maybe together, they can bring some order back to Neo Edo. Also, even though he DOES have a sword, Yuichi’s mystical weapon is a yo-yo. Funny story how that happened…check out the trailer.

Samurai Rabbit: The Usagi Chronicles stars Darren Barnet as Usagi, Shelby Rabara as Kitsune, Aleks Le as Gen and Mallory Low as Chizu…and believe it or not, James Wan (yes, The Conjuring’s James Wan) is the director. The man can have a lighter side, can’t he? The movie will be released on Netflix April 28.