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Samurai Jack Battle Through Time To Arrive In August


The Samurai Jack fandom have been one of the most loyal fandoms in all of television history. Because they latched onto a cartoon that probably wasn’t meant to last long, and yet helped make it an icon of the industry. To the extent that they were asking for years for its 5th and final season and finally got it. But now, their loyalty is being rewarded once again, as it’s been revealed that the upcoming video game Samurai Jack Battle Through Time will be coming to systems next month!

For those who don’t remember the announcement, Samurai Jack Battle Through Time takes place just before the end of the series finale of the show. Aku has pulled one last trick and put Jack back in the past again and makes him relive basically every major battle that he has ever gone through.

To be clear, this game was developed in part by Genndy Tartakovsky, the creator of the series. He’s never worked on a Samurai Jack game in the past and thus this game isn’t just a love letter to the series, it’s something that happens in-canon. Making it all the more poignant to play.

Plus, as has been revealed by past and and a new trailer, the original voice cast from the series is returning as well to make the game even more authentic. Including Phil LaMarr as Jack himself.

The game is an action title, and you’ll control Jack through battles and areas from the series as he tries to finally finish off Aku. Anyone who has been a fan of the series will no doubt want to check this one out. Watch the new trailer for it below.

Samurai Jack Battle Through Time will be released on August 21, 2020 at a price of $39.99 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC (Steam), and Nintendo Switch.