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Samurai Jack Battle Through Time Almost Didn’t Have Show’s Creator

Samurai Jack Battle Through Time

When it comes to video games based off of established franchises, things tend not to go the best of ways. By that, we mean that for a LONG time, games based off of TV shows, movies, and even comics were either incredibly average, or absolutely terrible. This includes the beloved series Samurai Jack, who had games during the original run of the series…but weren’t exactly good. However, with Samurai Jack Battle Through Time, this was a different story as it had the creator of the franchise, Genndy Tartakovsky.

Genndy Tartakovsky was the man who truly made this franchise happen, and it was his visionary style of storytelling and animation that made it stand out. When he was approached about Samurai Jack Battle Through Time he almost didn’t go through with it for a simple reason. As he told Syfy in an interview, he didn’t want the game to be a “low-quality effort”.

Or to put he more specifically, he said he didn’t want to do it if the goal was to “crap it out” and just get money from those loyal the franchise.

The publisher, Adult Swim Games, were more than happy to tell him that the game was meant to be a quality title, and thus Genndy Tartakovsky was able to not just join, but bring along his writer and help shape the game both visually and gameplay wise to better match the story.

Which worked beautifully in the eyes of many as Battle Through Time has players reliving some of the best moments from the Samurai Jack franchise. It has all the original voice actors (save for the late actor who played Aku), references the series constantly, and really makes you feel like you are Jack in the series.

This goes to show that sometimes the best way to make an adaptation…is to make sure you bring in the team who helped make the original in the first place.