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Sakurai Talks Bringing Min Min into Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Min Min Arms Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Super Smash Bros Ultimate is without a doubt one of the biggest games on the Nintendo Switch, and easily one of the best fighting games in the video game world right now. Mainly because there are so many characters that players can choose from and indulge in both fun and nostalgia with. This came to a head with the first Fighter Pass that brought in 5 new characters, 4 of which were 3rd party. And now, with Fighter Pass 2, 6 new characters were to come, with the first one being Min Min from ARMS.

The character has been out for a few weeks now, but in a column on Famitsu, Masahiro Sakurai once again weighed in on the character and noted some very interesting things about it. Including the fact that he was introduced to ARMS while he was making Super Smash Bros Ultimate initially and while ARMS was still very much in development. Nintendo wondered if Sakurai could put a character of ARMS into the game at that point and he said no. Which resulted in Spring Man being an Assist Trophy and other characters being Spirits in World of Light.

It was only after Nintendo revealed to Sakurai’s team that there would be 11 DLC characters that he knew that an ARMS character would be brought into the game as a playable character. Which even by his admission was not an easy thing to do. As he notes, ARMS is a very different kind of fighting game thanks to the elongated appendages of the characters. So trying to bring that into Ultimate and make it feel natural was quite a task.

Sakurai wrapped up the column by reiterating that there are 5 DLC characters left to unveil, and while he didn’t give an announce date for the next one, fans are most definitely hoping it happens soon.