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SakuraCon2006 Round Up


Held for the first time in the Washington State Convention Center, SakuraCon was fairly massive this year–at least in terms of attendance–with over eight thousand people. Several companies from the industry turned out as well, namely ADV, Dark Horse, FUNimation and Geneon. Not much came out in the way of announcements, but news like Geneon announcing Barefoot Gen and Dark Horse picking up The Samurai Champloo TV Artbook is great nonetheless.

On the convention culture note, the move from Hilton and Marriott in SeaTac up to the Convention Center in the heart of downtown Seattle didn’t put a damper on the festivities at all. If anything, the largely upscale urban setting combined with cosplayers somehow felt right, or at least yielded some nice pictures.

The people were as friendly as ever–everyone from the company representatives, to the special guests, to the con staff. Even though I was physically exhausted by the end of SakuraCon, I was a bit sad to see it end.

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Updated 4/4: We now have an additional set of pictures, courtesy of Jim “Cosplay Hunter” Betts.